How to make your own Petfood Score? What are the best solutions for analyzing the many wet food and dry food ranking tables circulating on the Internet, and on Facebook?

Petfood news has been very eventful, especially with regard to the first attacks suffered in 2019 when we presented the Petfood Score concept. At the time, we didn’t understand why this concept was bothersome, but the elements of the answers arrived very quickly.

The idea of ​​the Petfood Score Pacta ® was to offer means, well before 2019, for the consumer to check the ranking tables of wet food and dry food, which in our opinion, were not reliable. But this actually amounted to providing some answers to animal nutrition consumers who could have understood the pointlessness of subscribing to certain pools which were in theory to denounce food scandals that have never been confirmed.

It was an opportunity for us to develop our Petfood services, with three new brands: Sos Petfood ®, Petfood Advisor ® and Petfood Alert ®.

It was not necessary to register the Petfood Score brand, the use of this domain name will be sufficient to confirm that we are indeed at the origin of the exploitation of this concept.

Indeed, the filing of a trademark must necessarily be accompanied by public use, and of course, we were able to confirm that this concept had not been the subject of any word mark filing with the INPI.