How to use the Petfood Score?

Petfood Score
Petfood Score

Many consumers, interested in topics in animal nutrition, may be tempted to follow nutrition advice shared by people who have no expertise in the field, or to follow recommendations to the letter simply because a brand of kibble will have an A or B score.

The Petfood Score does not recommend any brand

It is important to specify that the Petfood Score Pacta ® does not give any mark to a brand of croquettes or pâtés for dogs and cats. Indeed, it is true that it might seem very practical to choose a brand in Petfood with a letter A, B, C, D, E, or F and even more, or a rating from 1 to 20.

We previously introduced this concept of Petfood Score in 2019, on our other sites, to explain that in our opinion, deciding on a change in a pet’s diet after consulting advice on Facebook posed risks. in terms of health.

So why offer a Petfood Score that does not give an overall score, or that does not indicate whether a kibble is “good” or “bad”? Simply because each animal has its own needs. We believe that it is not serious to ask for a change in diet without even examining your animal or taking into account its own needs.

The Petfood Score presented by Pacta showed that many kibble and pâté ranking tables contained errors, others were not up to date, and consumers were taking risks by following these recommendations.

Because there were financial and gambling interests, in particular the payment of generous jackpots, we quickly suffered numerous attacks on several of our sites, which led us to put the project on hold on these sites, and to communicate on other domain names and to pursue the development of the concept.

In particular, the Petfood Score Pacta is presented to you on all the partner sites of our brands Pacta ® Petfood, Sos Petfood ®, Petfood Alert ®, Petfood Advisor ®, Vigiscore ®.

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